Franquicia Inverbras

Consultoría de internacionalización

Inverbras is a consultancy company specializes in international business development with an undeniable success model tested for four years in internationalization projects in Brazil and now planning for expanding this model to other countries.

In Inverbras we support our clients in developing their business beyond our borders offering a wide range of services including:

• Strategic advice.
• Support for export.
• Support for the local implementation.
• Management of commercial development.
• Etc.

Founded in 2010, counts among its clients with important references in the national business scene.

As the basis of its growth strategy Inverbras is creating a network of regional offices in partnership so that our partners regional directors take responsibility, both local development of their own regional office as of leading a sector of expertise.

If you meet the following requirements:

1. Have the necessary entrepreneurial spirit to develop autonomously and independently your own local office of international consulting.

2. Have passion for consulting understanding the value that, these services, have for our customers.

3. The required level of dialogue that should provide more than ten years of experience in project development consulting or possibly occupying positions of responsibility in medium or large companies.

We want to suggest that you evaluate the possibility to join our network of regional offices in partnership.

Sectores de franquicia donde opera Inverbras

Inversión Inverbras

Inversión Total:
20.000 €
Canon de Entrada:
20.000 €
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Canon de Publicidad:
No hay
Duración del Contrato:
Sin límite
Tamaño del Local:
No se necesita
Población Mínima:
Capital de provincia

Datos de interés

Contacto: Antonio Estevez
Inicio Empresa: 2011
Inicio Franquicia: 2015  
Locales Propios: 1
Locales Totales: 1

Central de Franquicias

C/ Velazquez, 53, 2I
Empresa: Inverbras 10 Consulting S.L

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